About us

The “Globus” law firm was founded in 1991 to become one of the pioneer agencies providing citizens with all-inclusive legal services in legal framework of Ukraine. The “Globus” firm established its business under rather complicated legislative, political, economic and legal conditions, which existed in Ukraine at the time. 

Dynamic business development in the Ukrainian society called for timely, considered, efficient decision-making, highly professional and thorough approach to solve any problems of clients, as well as profound knowledge of the legislation of Ukraine and its competent application.

During the whole period of work, “Globus” lawyers have provided for the high-quality legal assistance for citizens and entrepreneurship entities to protect their rights and represent their legitimate interests in criminal, civil and commercial cases.

High competence, ability to take well-balanced decisions and the well-earned trust of people have already become a trademark of the “Globus” law firm.

High professional skills and practical legal experience accumulated over the period of more than 20 years allow to efficiently find an optimum solution to any problem and contribute to “Globus” image as one of the leading law firms in Ukraine. 

The “Globus” law firm is a partner of the All-Ukrainian Bar Association of Lawyers of Ukraine. Apart from doing their professional work, the firm personnel take an active part in social activities and provide support to a range of projects in the sphere of development of education, science, culture and sports. Thus, for example, the “Globus” firm participates at the Alchevsky International Contest of Young Performers, takes part in arranging and holding all kinds of sports events.

The “Globus” personnel render competent legal assistance to entrepreneurs at every stage of their commerce, i.e. from the stage of launching their own business to the stage of establishment and development of partnership relations, including further legal support of the entire business structure.


The “Globus” personnel provide their professional services with a high degree of confidence. The relationship with clients is based on the principles of mutual trust, strict maintenance of confidentiality and professional ethics.