The “Globus” law firm was founded in 1991 to become one of the pioneer agencies providing citizens with all-inclusive legal services in legal environment of Ukraine.

The dynamic business development in the Ukrainian society called for timely, considered, efficient decisions, highly professional and thorough approaches to solution of any problems of clients, as well as profound knowledge of the active laws of Ukraine and their competent application.

  • 09.02.2012
    Collecting several million hryvnias of duty and VAT, paid in by mistake while importing equipment due to illegal refusal of customs authorities to accept Customs Cargo Declaration.

    Law firm Globus ensured protection of interests of a large publishing house in its dispute with customs authorities regarding the payment of several million hryvnias of duty and VAT

  • 27.01.2012
    Practice of collecting funds under a commodity loan and bills of exchange

    Law firm Globus provided protection of the client’s rights in the dispute on collecting several dozens of million hryvnias of debt for the supplied equipment.

  • 18.01.2012
    Collecting the funds saved by an electricity transmitting organization, due to the use of the electric network with no legal bases in favour of the owner of electric network

    Law firm Globus provided the protection of interests of the owner of electric networks in the dispute with the electricity transmitting organization,

  • 28.12.2011
    Successful reorganization procedure and solvency restoration of a public enterprise

    Law firm Globus acted as a legal advisor during the bankruptcy procedure of a public enterprise.