Legal opinion of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in case No. 6-1065c17

   In accordance with parts one and two of Article 79 of the CCP of Ukraine, judicial expenses consist of a state fee and costs related to the consideration of the case. The amount of the court fee, the procedure for its payment, return and exemption from payment are established by the law.

   According to Section 9, Paragraph one, Clause 5 of the Law of Ukraine "On Judicial Collection", the disabled of I and II groups, legal representatives of children with disabilities and incapacitated disabled of I and II groups are exempt from payment of the court fee.

   The procedure for the distribution and reimbursement of court costs is regulated by Article 88 of the Civil Procedure Code of Ukraine. If the party in favor of which the decision is made is exempt from payment of court costs, on the other hand, legal expenses are collected in favor of the persons who suffered, proportionally satisfied or rejected a part of the claims. If both parties are exempt from payment of court expenses, they are compensated at the expense of the state in the manner established by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine (part two of this article).

   This also applies when the decision is made in favor of the plaintiff, and the defendant is exempted from payment of the court fee.

   The full text of the judgment can be found on the official websites of the state authorities of Ukraine.