Legal opinion of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the case No. 6-2615c16

   According to the content of the fourth part of Article 559 of the Civil Code of Ukraine, the guarantee is terminated after the expiration of the period established in the contract of guarantee. In case when such a term is not established, the guarantee is terminated if the creditor fails to present a claim to the guarantor within six months from the date of maturity of the principal obligation.

   In accordance with the requirements of the second part of Article 1050 of the Civil Code of Ukraine, if the loan agreement provides for the repayment of the loan in parts, in case of a delay in the repayment of the next part, the lender has the right to demand the early repayment of the remaining part and the payment of interest.

   The running of the statute of limitations for the repayment of the loan as a whole is calculated from the date of the fullfillment of the principal obligation, that is, the fullfillment date of the obligation in full (the deadline) or in connection with the application of the right to repay the loan ahead of schedule.

   In case of a change by the creditor on the basis of part two of Article 1050 of the Civil Code of Ukraine, the time period for the fulfillment of the basic obligation provided in part four of Article 559 of this Code shall be calculated from that date.

   The full text of the judgment can be found on the official websites of the state authorities of Ukraine.