Corporate law: merger and takeover

- consulting on the issues of selecting of the optimum organizational and legal form to carry on business in Ukraine;

- development of draft constituent documents, provisions for business entity control bodies, control body draft decisions, as well as legal analyses of the provisions and documents currently in use;

- registration of legal entities belonging to different organizational and legal forms, as well as isolated units, representative offices of foreign companies;

- legal support of the work on establishing associations of legal entities, of joint business carried out by legal entities;

- action taken to convene and hold general meetings of shareholders (participants) and other managerial bodies of the company, preparation of minutes of general meetings of shareholders (participants), representation of interests of shareholders (participants) at general meetings;

- development of patterns and mechanisms to provide for optimum corporate management systems;

- legal analyses of transactions involving sale and purchase of corporate rights;

- legal support of action taken to re-organize and dissolute business entities, both on a voluntary basis (on the grounds of a shareholders’ decision), and on a compulsory basis (through the bankruptcy procedure);

- providing clients with consultations and representing their interests in the process of settling of corporate disputes;

- representative services at State Commission on Securities and Share Market;

- representation of clients’ interests in courts of law to settle corporate disputes