Economic and contract law

- consulting on the issues of licensing and certification of certain forms of business;

- legal following-through the process of issuance of permits, including licenses;

- consulting on the issues of customs regulation of export and import operations;

- legal following-through the process of signing and execution of economic contracts, elaboration of draft contracts, pre-contract expert examination of counterparties’ legal documents, documentation of records of controversies and their coordination with counterparties;

- providing legal advice as to the use of methods to ensure performance of contractual obligations;

- legal following-through the procedure of notarization and state registration of appropriate contracts;

- legal analyses of contracts in effect and draft contracts, and, in particular, reviewing contracts as conforming to the active laws, interpretation of the legal meaning of contract terms, identification and interpretation of contract terms that infringe upon clients’ rights or may have adverse effects on clients;

- representation of interests in the course of prejudicial or judicial settlement of contractual disputes.