Antimonopoly law and law of competition

- consulting on the issues of antimonopoly legislation and issues of laws about protection of economic competition;

- consulting on the issues of application of laws about public purchases, including the laws applied to persons favored with state orders and parties to purchase transactions;

- consulting clients on the issues of keeping the laws about the misuse of monopoly position on the market, as well as in connection with the risks related to business and action that can be treated as anti-competitive;

- representing interests at the bodies of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine in cases of issuance of permits to apply economic concentration and take concerted action, as well as in cases addressed to the breach of laws concerning the protection of economic competition (misuse of monopoly position, presentation of inadequate information, taking antimonopoly action, etc.), at courts of laws to settle disputes with the participation of bodies of Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine, at other state authorities;

- legal following-through transactions involving the issues of application of the laws concerning protection of economic competition