Due Diligence

- legal analyses of documents, business run by an enterprise (company), transactions made by an enterprise (company) to verify them as conforming to the current legislation, as well as assessment of main risks connected to the issues of acquisition, merger, takeover, separation, reorganization or dissolution of an enterprise (company);

- valuation of business, assessment of the financial and economic condition of a company, development of optimum transaction financing patterns;

- auditing of business and tax accounting procedures applied at a company, compiling audit reports;

- legal expert examination of constituent documents submitted by the Seller to acknowledge the rights to assets;

- drawing up opinions as to correction of documentation work, existence of legal risks of property loss, grounds for submission of claims by third parties, existence of other potential legal problems;

- suggestions as to the solution of any such identified problems ;

- preparation of detailed business description along the following lines: property, personnel, market condition, progress trends, financial position, business field, services, etc.