Land law

- consulting on general land tenure issues;

- legal analyses of land possession documents, assessment of measure of rights possessed by a landowner, assessment of existing risks of land loss, preparation of recommendations as to vest the rights in land;

- reviewing of the draft land acquisition documents as conforming to the current legislation, checking to find hidden grounds for denial of the right to acquire a land, or for its seizure;

- preparation of all essential documents for privatization of land by citizens of Ukraine and legal following-through the land privatization procedure;

- preparation of essential documents for free acquisition of land by legal entities and legal following-through the procedure of documentation of land property rights;

- legal analyses of land transactions (elaboration of civil contracts, legal analyses of available draft contracts, participation in negotiations and contract signing procedures);

- providing recommendations as to execution of right-establishing land documents;

- drawing up opinions on the issues of changes in purpose of land, development of recommendations as to the choice of the optimum purpose of a land plot, execution of essential documents and legal support;

- consulting on the issues of payment of land taxes and valuation of land, analyses of land money valuation (standard and/or expert valuation) documents, appellate coordination of land tax liabilities (lodging administrative and/or legal appeals against tax notices or decisions);

- providing recommendations as to the choice of the right to use land (permanent use, lease of land), execution of documents granting the right to use land;

- legal following-through the land allotment procedure, formalization of land property rights;

- legal following-through the land acquisition procedure (timely legal advice, execution of additional documents, lodging claims against potential denial of the right to acquire land, or against inaction on the part of executive, local authorities, their functionaries);

- formalization of the right to own land in those cases where real estate property disposed in such land is to be acquired;

- prejudicial and judicial settlement of disputes in the sphere of land legal relationship.