Real estate property and construction

- legal analyses of land development documents, permits, assessment of measure of developer’s rights;

- reviewing draft permits to carry out the construction work;

- drawing up expert opinions and providing legal assistance at the stage of coordination of contract terms with design engineering and contracting agencies, settlement of disputes that may arise in connection with improper execution of contracts or need to make alterations thereto;

- following-through purchase and sale, leasing, partial separation and other transactions related to real estate property;

- following-through the process of formalization of rights to own real property;

- following-through investment and construction projects, drawing up expert opinions on the issues of taxation of entities involved in investment and construction business;

- legal analyses of real property transactions;

- consulting on the issues of taxation of real property transactions;

- providing legal support to legal entities and individuals in the issues of design engineering of construction projects, coordination and approval of design documents, as well as other aspects of organization and implementation of construction processes.